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Free screenings. why and how they work in Private practice marketing

Updated: Apr 29

The Tried and True Marketing Strategy: Free Screenings Will Help You Launch and Grow Your Private Practice

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Why Free Screenings Work Like Magic

Free screenings are more than just a kind-hearted gesture...they're a strategic move for your practice. Providing free screenings at local schools, daycares, preschools, etc., is about SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST GETTING NEW CLIENTS. Free screenings help you build strong relationships with potential referral sources, increase your practice's visibility, and deliver a valuable service. Let's break it down:

Where to offer free screenings
  • Preschools: Catch potential issues early and build a relationship with a program that will always have new kids coming in

  • Daycare: The staff and parents here are often excited and more than willing to have experts like you around.

  • Private Schools: These places love added value, and you could be just the ticket.

  • Virtual: You can even make waves from the comfort of your own home.

  • Related practices like ABA Clinics: These can easily become future referral sources.


Imagine you offer free screenings at a preschool with 100 children. Even at a conservative estimate, you're now on the radar of 75-100 families. If 30 families opt for the screening, you've now established a meaningful touchpoint with them. This means you have 75+ families that now know you exist, and 30 families that have a higher level of familiarity with your brand. In essence, it's a no-lose situation:


Referral Relationships: The program where you offer the screening sees your expertise first-hand, and you become their go-to expert and resource. You will also be building a relationship with the teachers and program directors, which helps you become their go-to recommendation.


Immediate Impact: This is the obvious one...identifying children who would benefit from a full evaluation or therapy will help bring awareness to families about what types of services exist to help their child. Although not all families will immediately book an evaluation with you, you will be the first practice they think of when they are ready.

The Ripple Effect

Remember, every screening is an opportunity to elevate your brand's profile and get your name out into the community...the more people who know you exist, the more people there are to recommend you or call you when the time comes. Consider free screenings both a short and long-term marketing strategy, and an essential one if you serve kids!


Free screenings are pretty straightforward. But to make them easy to implement, grab our Screening Survival Kit: a toolkit that includes essential forms, marketing templates, scripts for reaching out to programs, and a list of screening measures, all designed to make this marketing strategy easy and efficient.


In the competitive world of private practice for speech and occupational therapists, free screenings stand out as a proven marketing strategy with multiple benefits. Offering these screenings at preschools, daycares, private schools, and even virtually isn't just about identifying potential new clients. It's a strategic approach to building lasting relationships with referral sources, increasing visibility among families, and providing an essential service to the community. Whether you walk away with zero or multiple new clients, the strategy pays off by expanding your practice's reach and strengthening its reputation. Our Screening Survival Kit makes implementing this powerful tool easier than ever, so you can focus on what you do best: helping kids.


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