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Hannah Boeck

Creative Strategist

Speech-Language Pathologist

I founded Cued Creative with a mission to help my fellow therapists not just survive, but thrive.  

I’m an organizer, a planner, a strategic thinker, and a creative solutions guide. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in Politics from New York University, I worked in industries ranging from politics to interior design. After a decade of acquiring and honing my marketing, business, and organizational skills, I made the leap into speech-language pathology. It’s with my diverse business experience and my love of technology and art that I have created a place where people go to find the unique solutions they’re looking for. I help entrepreneurs bring their visions to life, get organized, and grow their brands with my proven marketing, branding, and website design strategies.

When I am not busy creating, organizing, and elevating the visions of my amazing clients, I can be found gardening, crafting, and getting outside with my daughter and our dogs.

I have been supporting the dreams of my clients since 2016, and look forward to supporting yours too!

shyanne Heise

Creative Digital Strategist

Speech-Language Pathologist

Similar to my role as a clinician, my role at Cued Creative is to support others in sharing their ideas with the world. I blend my clinical expertise and my creative interests to craft content for websites, social media, and marketing materials. 


After earning my master’s degree at the University of Northern Colorado, I began my career at a local multi-disciplinary private practice. And then in 2020, with a huge leap of faith, I started my own private practice. In the perfect sequence of events, I hired Cued Creative to build my private practice website, and Hannah hired me to help other private practice owners bring their visions to life! 


I love the field of speech-language pathology, so I practice it, write about it, teach about it, and never stop learning about it. When I’m not working, I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, reading fiction novels, running (slowly), eating ice cream, and traveling with my husband.

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