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Hannah Boeck, M.S., CCC-SLP

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Hannah Boeck

Creative Strategist

I’m an organizer, a planner, a strategic thinker, and a creative solutions guide. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in Politics from New York University, I worked in industries ranging from politics to interior design. After a decade of acquiring and honing my marketing, administrative and organizational skills, I made the leap into speech-language pathology. It’s with my diverse professional experience and my love of technology and art that I have created a place where people go to find the unique solutions they’re looking for. Time is a commodity that I am here to help you expand. I support business owners, entrepreneurs, and small organizations to free up valuable time by completing tasks that are getting sidelined or support areas necessary for continued business growth.


When I am not busy creating, organizing, and simplifying the life of my amazing clients, I can be found exploring the beautiful pacific northwest with my daughter and our dog.


Life keeps us busy, let me help you free up time so you can focus on the important things!

After building websites on several platforms, I have grown a deep appreciation for Wix and the ease it provides for website creation and management. Most importantly, Wix allows for complete customization to create beautiful, unique, and functional websites. The premium subscription program is sufficient to run everything from a personal blog to an eCommerce site, all with seamless and powerful capabilities to make browsing a breeze. Wix also offers a secure and continuously updated technology so we can not only maximize your SEO, but also ensure your site won't go down when you are busy managing your business. 


After developing your website to be a true extension of your business, I have confidence in my clients' abilities to manage the site when I hand over the reins. Wix's intuitive platform allows you to make simple changes without the expertise of a developer and will save you the headache of creating site-wide issues when you all you want to do is update a name, address, or product information.


If you are intrigued and ready to give it a go on your own, feel free to click here to head on over to Wix and begin the journey of building your site. But remember, if you get stuck or don't have the time create the site you desire, I am here to help!