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The EVERYTHING Guide to starting a private practice

Private practice doesn’t come with a manual… So we wrote one.
Are you looking for everything you need to know about starting an SLP private practice in one place?
Perfect—here you go!
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private practice handbook.jpg
This is a digital product in a fillable PDF format for easy printing or use on a tablet or computer.

We’re guessing that you’re in one of two stages:

1) You’re considering starting a private practice and looking for more information about the process of becoming your own boss. Good for you! 
2) You’ve already taken the leap into starting your private practice, but after endless Google searches, Facebook posts, and unanswered questions, you feel overwhelmed. Who could blame you?

you are not alone, we have been there! 

We’ve gotten lost and overwhelmed in Google searches, made excessive phone calls to acquaintances, and invested in business resources that just weren’t made for SLPs. We have crowd-sourced information on Facebook just to end up even more confused. We stalled out and found ourselves stuck because we didn't know what to do first...

The truth is, not having this handbook is costing you time and money.

So, WE COMPILED EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW RIGHT HERE, in this resource, just for private practice SLPs. We are going to walk you through the entire process and give you the confidence to turn your private practice dreams into reality.

Let us introduce ourselves...

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Hannah Boeck 


Hi, I’m Hannah — an SLP with over a decade of experience in business, design, and marketing. I founded Cued Creative in 2016 to support fellow SLPs in their transition from therapist to business owner. I am proud to have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs bring their visions to life, get organized, and grow their brands through business coaching, website design, and marketing solutions.

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I’m Jill, a private practice SLP who loves to guide other therapists in starting and growing their own successful private practices. I founded Jill Shook Therapy in 2015, and I have since helped hundreds of other SLPs do the same. Now, I continue to see private clients while providing online courses, consulting, therapy materials, and private practice resources. You can learn more about me at my website:

We know that starting your own practice can be overwhelming, so we teamed up to save you weeks of research, headaches, and trial-and-error. No need to re-invent the wheel! We believe in what you do and want to help you launch your business!

We teamed up to jam-pack this DIGITAL Private Practice Handbook with all of the essentials, and none of the fluff.
Here’s what you’ll get:

A printable or fillable pdf with everything you need to get organized, and efficiently launch your business today!

Business planning framework to lay a solid foundation (value $120)

Step-by-step process and checklists (all prioritized for you) to legally starting a therapy business (value $120)

Overview and list of financial and tax considerations (value $60)

Business logistics and operations checklist to make sure you don't miss anything ~ EMRs, phone, fax, etc. (value $120)

Insurance vs. private pay comparison chart (value $120)

Budgeting worksheets with business essentials and estimated start-up costs (value $120)

Comprehensive list of legally required and recommended forms and documents with explanations, including (value $120)

Worksheets to consider which standardized assessment(s) you’ll need to get started (value $40)

An overview of the free and paid marketing options to get your name out there  (value $40)

Organizational pages for license numbers, certification requirements, business account numbers and logins, and renewal deadlines (value $40)

Cost-benefit analysis charts to help you analyze all startup decisions (value $40)


Get your Private Practice Handbook

Today for $99!

buy now

Before now, you were faced with two options… 

Save money by wasting time, trying to figure it all out on your own
- or -
Spend upwards of a thousand dollars to join an exclusive private practice startup group.

now there is another option!

Our Everything Guide to Starting a Private Practice Workbook will save you time and money...use our clear, no-nonsense guide to start your private practice today, and keep hundreds of dollars in the bank for things that you really need… like a desk, or a website, or six billion games (... okay, you actually don’t need that either). 
Download the handbook today and get your practice started right away!
Contents private practice handbook.jpg
Contents private practice handbook (2).jpg
private practice handbook.jpg
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