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Business Coaching
Are you tired of searching Facebook for answers? Have you spent hours sifting through different advice, only to find you are still confused? Do you have a new business idea and just don't know how to get the ball rolling?

From business growth to marketing and operations, we will guide you to determine what systems work best for your practice. Schedule a 1:1 coaching session today to get support from a trusted resource.


My clients book coaching calls instead of crowd-sourcing information from Google and social media platforms. Coaching is $150/hour, with package options available after the first call.

Common coaching topics include:

  • Developing a business plan

  • Finding your niche

  • Growing your business

  • When and how to hire 

  • Creating a course or membership

  • How to market your business

  • Organizing your business

  • Passive income opportunities

  • Goal setting

  • Insurance vs. private pay

  • Setting your rates/prices

  • Analyzing/creating a revenue model

  • Selecting an EMR system (or using G-Suite)

f you are looking for someone to design a roadmap with actionable steps for you, book a coaching call!


Coaching calls take place over Zoom and include call notes and specific action steps to take after the call.

If there are no times that work for you for either call type, please get in touch with us at and we will accommodate your scheduling needs!
Together we will make your dreams a reality!​
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