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3 Investments Every Private Practice Needs to Make

Updated: Apr 29

In the world of private practice, the decisions on where to put your time and money can make all the difference in your success. There are three key investments that stand out as game-changers for speech and occupational therapy practices. Let's talk about the essentials that will set the foundation for a thriving practice.

A Professional Website: Nailing That First Impression

Your website is your online home, the first stop for any potential client who hears about your services. It's here that clients form their first impressions and decide if you're the one they trust to meet their needs. A great website is more than just a pretty digital brochure; it's a communication tool, a touchpoint, and an answer to those looking for help.

Here's what makes a website work for private practices:

  • Clear Communication: Your website should directly state what you do and who you help. Skip the jargon and use client-friendly language to explain how you can solve your client's challenges.

  • Easy to Find Contact Information: Don't hide your contact info. Make sure clients can find it easily without having to dig for it. Especially your location - that should be front and center!

  • Solution-Focused Service Descriptions: Explain your services using language that inspires hope. You're not just providing therapy; you're offering a path to a better life, and your website should reflect that.

  • Calls to Action: Whether that's to book a consultation or to learn more about a specific service, guide them clearly to the next step.

  • Memorable & Professional Design: Invest in design that sticks in people's minds and provides an exceptional user experience. A great design isn't all about looks—it’s about creating an environment where clients can intuitively navigate the information without getting overwhelmed.

With these elements, your website will be more than just a digital brochure; it will be a dynamic space that welcomes, informs, and converts visitors into clients.

The Power of a Good Ol' Fashioned Business Card

You'd think that in our digital world, a business card wouldn't have much impact. But the truth is, the personal touch of a well-crafted business card can leave a lasting impression. It's a small but powerful ambassador of your practice, offering a physical reminder of your services and how to reach you.

A good business card should have your name, title, and contact information—it's a given. But also add a QR code that leads straight to your website (and you've just modernized your card). Include your location/address/geographical area served because local matters in private practice, and list your services briefly if it's not obvious what you do from your business name. This way, when someone picks up your card, they have everything they need to know that you're the expert they need.

Harnessing the Power of RANKING IN Local SearchES with A Google Business Profile

In the world of SEO, showing up in local search results is the name of the game, and your Google Business Profile is your star player. This powerful tool is free and easy to set up. Plus, an optimized profile that includes all the contact information someone might need, a succinct summary of your services peppered with the right keywords, and photos that give a glimpse into your practice will get people to click through to your website (and with a fabulous website, you will win their business instantly).

Tying It All Together

Now, let's bring it all home. You have a professional website that's welcoming and informative, a business card that connects and drives people to your website, and a Google Business Profile that puts you on the map—literally and gets people to click through to your website (trust us, pretty much everything you do when it comes to marketing leads back to your website).

But how do you go about creating these assets?

The answer is simpler than you might think. There's no need to start from scratch or try to do it all by yourself. Start with one of our Squarespace website templates designed specifically for speech therapy private practices where 95% of the work is already done for you. Then, grab the coordinating marketing materials so your business card (and other digital and print marketing) is on-brand and easy to design. After you launch your website (which with one of our templates can be done in a matter of days), you’ll be ready to set up your Google Business profile which is super easy using our directions and recommendations (grab those here:

A great website is more than just your online identity; it's the platform that supports all other marketing efforts.

It's where potential clients turn into actual clients. It's where your business starts to grow. And paired with the right business card and Google Business Profile, you're not just another service provider—you're the go-to expert in your area.

You're now ready to grow a successful speech therapy practice with confidence. So why wait? Make these investments in your practice today, and start shaping the future you've envisioned.

Ready to begin? Visit to find out how our website templates and resources can streamline your path to success. Or, learn more about our custom website design services by clicking here.


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