Did you do any SEO on my website?

We optimized your site with SEO best practices (exceptional user experience, alt text for images, title tags, meta descriptions, and Google rich results) and used keywords throughout the content. 


When a new site launches, it can take up to a few weeks to be searchable by just the name and then another 3-9 months for it to climb the Google ranks. WE HAVE INDEXED YOUR SITE WITH GOOGLE, BUT IT TAKES TIME FOR GOOGLE TO IDENTIFY YOUR SITE BY NAME. 

Be sure you have a Google My Business listing, so you show up in local search results (where you rank in these results is also going to take time). You can grab our guide to setting up your Google My Business and our freebie to help get Google reviews in our freebie library. 

If you want to invest in your SEO, I highly recommend blogging (grab our blogging mini-course here: To hire an SEO company, it will cost thousands of dollars, and since they don’t understand our industry, you may end up rewriting content that doesn’t make sense or sounds terrible.


SEO is a pretty complex topic. In summary, Google ranks sites in the search engine based on an algorithm that considers these many factors. We highly recommend investing in building relationships with referral sources rather than relying on people to find you on Google. In our experience, when you get into the driver's seat of your marketing, your business grows faster and you attract more ideal clients.

Why isn’t my site showing up on Google 1-2 weeks after launching?

A brand new website cannot immediately compete with websites that have been getting “SEO points” for years. Your site is optimized for SEO, and with time, it will begin showing up more prominently in Google search results. Be sure to create a Google My Business listing to speed up the process and get found by local visitors who search for your services.

Can I paste Google reviews onto my website?

We caution against this for a few reasons. 

Since online responses to reviews are public, you have to be HIPAA Compliant when you interact, engage, or respond to the reviews. By copying a Google review to your website, you likely don't have explicit consent from the author to share their testimonial on your site (which also clearly reveals they are a client without their permission to reveal this publicly on your website). Additionally, a Google review can be deleted or modified at any time, which puts you at risk of having outdated or inaccurate information. You can be fined anywhere from $100-$50,000 per violation.

There are two great solutions. 1) Ask clients directly for a testimonial and have their consent to allow you to use their review in your marketing. 2) Use a 3rd party plug-in that will populate google reviews on your site in real-time.



Help, I can't access the social media templates you created for me.

You must be signed into Canva before you click the template link. Once you click the link the templates will then be loaded into your Canva account for use and editing. 

How do I upload a font in Canva?

Watch our video tutorial here: 

How do I post to my social media accounts directly from Canva?

Watch our video tutorial here: 

How do I set up Facebook and Instagram business pages?

Watch these videos for step-by-step guidance.

Facebook Business Page: 

Instagram Business Page: