This 14-page workbook (conveniently a printable or fillable pdf) is brought to you by Jill Shook and Hannah Boeck.


One of the most common questions get is "How do I set my rate?" And we know how important this is to set your practice up for success. It is the basis for setting your budget and finding out if this private practice thing is actually going to work for you financially. But there's not a lot of solid, evidence-based information out there about what to do- and what not to do- when setting that rate. That is why we collaborated to create a resource to guide you to confidently set your rates!


Use this workbook rather than just crowdsourcing such an important part of your practice. Remember- YOUR rate is based on YOUR experience, budgetary bottom line, specialties, and overhead. One size does NOT fit all.

Setting Your Rates Workbook