It's all in a name. Confidently name your practice with this tried and true method. 


Did you already name your practice, but haven’t done the research?


Are you stuck trying to come up with a practice name?


Did you want to use your personal name (e.g., Hannah Boeck, LLC), but are having second thoughts?


While it’s not impossible to change the name of your private practice, it is easier, less time consuming, and cheaper to choose the right name before filing your legal paperwork and setting up your website, designing your marketing collateral, etc.


  • Case Studies: 3 examples of how selecting a name can impact your business
  • Name Considerations: Using your name, creating a new name
  • Starting From Scratch: Framework for strategically selecting a name
  • Doing the Research: The competition and Google
  • ​Selecting Your Domain Name: Considerations and guidance

Guide to Naming Your Practice