Everything you need to know to launch your side hustle. Practical tips for therapists, by therapists, to get your practice off the ground.


In this workbook you will be given the basic tools to get your private practice off the ground. The information is designed to keep you moving so you don’t get paralyzed in the planning. Whether you are creating a side hustle to test the waters, looking to reignite your passion and have some fun, or you want to earn some extra income, our goal is to keep it simple for you. We will discuss how to estimate and minimize start-up costs (invest in only the things you need right now), get organized and complete your to-do’s, consider a specialty, and develop a basic business plan.


  • Start-Up Checklist  - tasks and explanations 
  • ​Forms -  necessary and recommended forms
  • Specialties - when and why to consider one
  • ​Business Plan - thinking about your practice from different angels
  • ​Start-Up Costs - understand and estimate initial and ongoing costs
  • ​Pros and Cons - decision making worksheet

Private Practice Start-Up Guide

  • pdf