Whether you need guidance setting up your private practice or support updating your website, editing your forms, developing an Independent Contractor manual, etc., we are here to help. Each our you purchase is yours to use however you want. 


All consultation services are billed at the rate of $95/hour and I require a retainer of 1 hours to be paid in advance. Throughout the project, whenever we have phone calls, zoom meetings, or any questions that come up via email or text, I bill against those pre-paid hours, and my time is utilized in 15-minute increments. You will NOT be billed for time related to website development, graphic design services, and the marketing strategy follow-up call.


The retainer is there for you to utilize so please feel free to ask me for assistance as things come up as these hours do not roll over past 3 months from the date we begin. When the 2 hours are used, I allow clients to purchase one hour at a time to be used in the same format as outlined above. I will check in with you periodically to let you know how we are doing on time.


1 hour of Support


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