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Amazing products, courses, and resources!

Updated: Apr 29

Created by our clients

We are so excited to share some of the amazing things our clients are creating!!!

meaningful speech

A self-paced course for SLPs, parents, and other professionals that will teach you how to confidently identify, evaluate, and work with any child who communicates with delayed echolalia (scripting).

The Gestalt Language Processing Handbook

This comprehensive resource is filled with tools to help you provide education about and advocacy for the Gestalt Language Processor on your caseload.


Andi Putt's Autism Handbook reframes how parents and professionals view Autism by presenting information in a Neurodiversity positive way!

She also sells darling t-shirts!


Mastering Myo's Level 1 IAOM COM® (Certified Orofacial Myologist) Certification Track Course, is an all virtual, IAOM approved, OROFACIAL MYOFUNCTIONAL COURSE, that combines organized self-paced learning with live online webinars.

Enhance your professional skills and increase your marketability within your profession without the added travel expenses!

Speech Therapy Talk

the Speech Therapy Talk membership grants instant access to over 1000 therapy materials, including activities, teaching guides, games, story companions, Spanish materials, worksheets, prompts/visuals, handouts, teletherapy materials, and more!


The Modern MedSLP is a platform for medical SLOs seeking to advance their skills and knowledge, while learning from an expert in the field. Brooke Richardson, Medical SLP, helps medical SLPs gain confidence through specialized continuing education, a supportive member's community, clinical tools, and 1:1 mentoring and coaching.

THE vocalfort

The Step by Step Spatial Concepts

manual was created by Stephanie Ackerman, a pediatric speech-language pathologist with over 25 years of experience. Stephanie understands how time-consuming it can be to find, create, and manage materials when you have a large caseload. She also knows how important it is to teach key academic skills in a sequential and intuitive way.

Martha Speech

Martha Speech & Consulting empowers SLPs with tools, resources, training, and consulting all in the area of stuttering. Martha's Positive Stuttering Identity digital workbook supports caregivers and professionals (speech-language pathologists, teachers, counselors, students) to build a framework for supporting children who stutter. The workbook is divided into four chapters: identity, stuttering, positive stuttering identity, and speech therapy - all with accessible, evidence-based research.


Alyssa Antcliff, is an SLP and the founder of SpeechLyss. SpeechLyss provides step-by-step support for navigating the graduate school application process. From coaching to workbooks to an informative blog, Alyssa helps future SLPs increase their chances of acceptance with personalized and expert grad school application support services.

anchor creek speech solutions

Bobbi Adams Brown is a private practice SLP who also provides customized solutions for SLPs. Bobbi offers SLP coaching services related to providing neurodiversity-affirming therapy, in-services and trainings for private practices, and private practice support via custom backend systems.

At Cued Creative, we work with amazing SLPs and help them share their ideas with the world. From product and course development support to marketing and branding, we are here to help!


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