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Pinterest Mood Board

Create a board on Pinterest titled Your Name "Mood Board" and share it with me HB_CreativeSolutions by inviting me via my email address -  hannahboeckcs@gmail.com - Next, gather a selection of images that inspire you and reflect your core brand values from Steps 1 and 2 (check out my example mood boards below). There is no right or wrong way of doing this; however, try to save around 15-20 images to give us a larger selection to choose from for your mood/branding board. Also be sure pin 2-3 color schemes (by searching color schemes or color palette) that represent you. For more color inspiration you can visit (and pin from) www.Design-Seeds.com. When searching on Pinterest don’t be afraid to think outside of the box with your search terms. You can search inspired words (life goals, health, inspiration, relaxation, etc.) or things/ideas (gardens, sunsets, centerpieces, casual outfits, food, etc.), While those terms may not always seem to make sense, using them in your search will help you discover some incredible images!


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